SpectrAlert Advance® Speakers

SpectrAlert Advance Dual-Voltage Evacuation Speakers

The dual-voltage (25/70.7 Vrms) evacuation speakers feature a plug-in design for reducing ground faults and allowing for fast installation. The low total harmonic distortion of the SP speaker offers high-fidelity sound output while the SPV speaker offers high-volume sound output for use in high-ambient-noise applications. The outdoor models ship with a plastic outdoor back box featuring removable side flanges and improved saltwater corrosion resistance. Outdoor products are rated from −40°F to +151°F (−40°C to +66°C) and have a NEMA 4X rating. SpectrAlert Advance speakers are listed to UL 1480 for fire protective signaling systems.


Red Model Number – SPR
White Model Number – SPW
Description – Wall-mount speaker

Red Model Number – SPRV
White Model Number – SPWV
Description – Wall-mount speaker, high dB

Red Model Number – SPCR
White Model Number – SPCW
Description – Ceiling-mount speaker

Red Model Number – SPCRV
White Model Number – SPCWV
Description – Ceiling-mount speaker, high dB

Red Model Number – SPRK, SPRK-R*
White Model Number – SPWK, SPWK-R*
Description – Outdoor wall-mount speaker

White Model Number – SPCWK
Description – Outdoor ceiling-mount speaker

Outdoor units with model numbers ending with -R do not include weatherproof back boxes, especially for use with WTP models for flush mounting outdoor devices.

Outdoor units with model numbers ending in K do include weatherproof back boxes.


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