End Suction Fire Pump

Featuring pressure ratings from 40 to 150 psi (3 to 10 bar) and flow rates from 50 to 750 gpm (189 to 2,835 litres/min), Sentinel™ End Suction Fire Pumps are available in two configurations—frame-mounted or close-coupled, which can be flanged or threaded. These pumps ably bring Patterson’s rugged performance and reliability to existing applications or new installations.


Rugged. Reliable. Efficient. and Self Contained.
Timely delivery of rugged, reliable and responsive fire suppression pumps and prepackaged systems is critical. Whether we’re meeting stringent customer standards, unheard-of deadlines or just going the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction, more and more customers are choosing Patterson’s Sentinel™ Series Fire Pump products and services to securely fulfill their fire protection needs.

Their ease of installation minimizes foundation and mounting complexity—you simply add standard piping supports. And thanks to our back pullout configuration, it’s easy to remove the rotating element without disturbing suction and discharge connections.


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