Two Stage DMD Fire Pump

Design highlights include single-inlet, enclosed impellers (mounted back-to-back) and an interconnecting passage between stages. Bronze or bronze-bushed interstage pieces guard against wear. Sizes range from 3-in. to 6-in. (7.6-cm to 15.2-cm) discharge for capacities to 1,000 gpm (3,785 litres/min) and heads to 1,150 ft (351 m).

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The Sentinel™ High-Pressure,Two-Stage DMD Fire Pump is engineered for rugged, reliable service and is ideal for installations where space is at a premium. One two-stage unit can produce as much head as two single-stage pumps.

Rugged. Reliable. Efficient. and Self Contained.
Timely delivery of rugged, reliable and responsive fire suppression pumps and prepackaged systems is critical. Whether we’re meeting stringent customer standards, unheard-of deadlines or just going the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction, more and more customers are choosing Patterson’s Sentinel™ Series Fire Pump products and services to securely fulfill their fire protection needs.


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