This product is the Global Vision Venturi Flowmeter. See full product description below for additional details including pump rating GPM, Model and Weight in lbs, then contact our team when you are ready to place your order.


150 GPM
Model 3″-150-B Wt lbs 8
Model 3″-150-G Wt lbs 8
Model 3″-150-F Wt lbs 30
Model 3″-150-F3 Wt lbs 36
200 GPM
Model 3″-200-B Wt lbs 8
Model 3″-200-G Wt lbs 8
Model 3″-200-F Wt lbs 30
Model 3″-200-F3 Wt lbs 36
250 GPM
Model 4″-250-B Wt lbs 11
Model 4″-250-G Wt lbs 11
Model 4″-250-F Wt lbs 41
Model 4″-250-F3 Wt lbs 61
300 GPM
Model 4″-300-B Wt lbs 11
Model 4″-300-G Wt lbs 11
Model 4″-300-F Wt lbs 41
Model 4″-300-F3 Wt lbs 61
450 GPM
Model 4″-450-B Wt lbs 11
Model 4″-450-G Wt lbs 11
Model 4″-450-F Wt lbs 41
Model 4″-450-F3 Wt lbs 61
450 GPM
Model 5″-450-B Wt lbs 12
Model 5″-450-G Wt lbs 12
Model 5″-450-F Wt lbs 51
Model 5″-450-F3 Wt lbs 76
500 GPM
Model 5″-500-B Wt lbs 12
Model 5″-500-G Wt lbs 12
Model 5″-500-F Wt lbs 51
Model 5″-500-F3 Wt lbs 76
750 GPM
Model 5″-750-B Wt lbs 12
Model 5″-750-G Wt lbs 12
Model 5″-750-F Wt lbs 51
Model 5″-750-F3 Wt lbs 76
500 GPM
Model 6:-500-B Wt lbs 16
Model 6″-500-G Wt lbs 16
Model 6″-500-F Wt lbs 64
Model 6″-500-F3 Wt lbs 100
750 GPM
Model 6″-750-B Wt lbs 16
Model 6″-750-G Wt lbs 16
Model 6″-750-F Wt lbs 64
Model 6″-750-F3 Wt lbs 100
1000 GPM
Model 6″-1000-B Wt lbs 16
Model 6″-1000-G Wt lbs 16
Model 6″-1000-F Wt lbs 64
Model 6″-1000-F3 Wt lbs 100
1250 GPM
Model 6″-1250-B Wt lbs 16
Model 6″-1250-G Wt lbs 16
Model 6″-1250-F Wt lbs 64
Model 6″-1250-F3 Wt lbs 100
1000 GPM
Model 8″-1000-B Wt lbs 24
Model 8″-1000-G Wt lbs 24
Model 8″-1000-F Wt lbs 102
Model 8″-1000-F3 Wt lbs 174
1250 GPM
Model 8″-1250-B Wt lbs 24
Model 8″-1250-G Wt lbs 24
Model 8″-1250-F Wt lbs 102
Model 8″-1250-F3 Wt lbs 174
1500 GPM
Model 8″-1500-B Wt lbs 24
Model 8″-1500-G Wt lbs 24
Model 8″-1500-F Wt lbs 102
Model 8″-1500-F3 Wt lbs 174
2000 GPM
Model 8″-2000-B Wt lbs 24
Model 8″-2000-G Wt lbs 24
Model 8″-2000-F Wt lbs 102
Model 8″-2000-F3 Wt lbs 174
2500 GPM
Model 8″-2500-B Wt lbs 24
Model 8″-2500-G Wt lbs 24
Model 8″-2500-F Wt lbs 102
Model 8″-2500-F3 Wt lbs 174
3000 GPM
Model 8″-3000-B Wt lbs 24
Model 8″-3000-G Wt lbs 24
Model 8″-3000-F Wt lbs 102
Model 8″-3000-F3 Wt lbs 174
1500 GPM
Model 10″-1500-B Wt lbs 36
Model 10″-1500-G Wt lbs 36
Model 10″-1500-F Wt lbs 140
Model 10″-1500-F3 Wt lbs 218
2000 GPM
Model 10″-2000-B Wt lbs 36
Model 10″-2000-G Wt lbs 36
Model 10″-2000-F Wt lbs 140
Model 10″-2000-F3 Wt lbs 218
2500 GPM
Model 10″-2500-B Wt lbs 36
Model 10″-2500-G Wt lbs 36
Model 10″-2500-F Wt lbs 140
Model 10″-2500-F3 Wt lbs 218
3000 GPM
Model 10″-3000-B Wt lbs 36
Model 10″-3000-G Wt lbs 36
Model 10″-3000-F Wt lbs 140
Model 10″-3000-F3 Wt lbs 218
3500 GPM
Model 10″3500-B Wt lbs 36
Model 10″3500-G Wt lbs 36
Model 10″3500-F Wt lbs 140
Model 10″3500-F3 Wt lbs 218
4000 GPM
Model 10″-4000-B Wt lbs 36
Model 10″-4000-G Wt lbs 36
Model 10″-4000-F Wt lbs 140
Model 10″-4000-F3 Wt lbs 218
4500 GPM
Model 10″-4500-B Wt lbs 36
Model 10″-4500-G Wt lbs 36
Model 10″-4500-F Wt lbs 140
Model 10″-4500-F3 Wt lbs 218
2000 GPM
Model 12″-2000-B Wt lbs 65
Model 12″-2000-G Wt lbs 65
Model 12″-2000-F Wt lbs 225
Model 12″-2000-F3 Wt lbs 345
3000 GPM
Model 12″-3000-B Wt lbs 65
Model 12″-3000-G Wt lbs 65
Model 12″-3000-F Wt lbs 225
Model 12″-3000-F3 Wt lbs 345
3500 GPM
Model 12″-3500-B Wt lbs 65
Model 12″-3500-G Wt lbs 65
Model 12″-3500-F Wt lbs 225
Model 12″-3500-F3 Wt lbs 345
4000 GPM
Model 12″-4000-B Wt lbs 65
Model 12″-4000-G Wt lbs 65
Model 12″-4000-F Wt lbs 225
Model 12″-4000-F3 Wt lbs 345
4500 GPM
Model 12″4500-B Wt lbs 65
Model 12″4500-G Wt lbs 65
Model 12″4500-F Wt lbs 225
Model 12″4500-F3 Wt lbs 345
5000 GPM
Model 12″-5000-B Wt lbs 65
Model 12″-5000-B Wt lbs 65
Model 12″-5000-B Wt lbs 225
Model 12″-5000-B Wt lbs 345

Fire pump parts and accessories are ready to be shipped immediately from our manufacturer directly to you. Depending on the product, such as rotating assemblies and jockey pumps, there may be a 2 to 3 week lead time before your product is ready to be shipped. If you have any questions regarding the availability of your product, or lead time, please contact us immediately.


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