Explosion-proof Control Valve Supervisory Switches

System Sensor’s line of pressure switches includes the EPS10 series for use in wet, dry, deluge and pre-action automatic sprinkler systems to indicate a discharge from a sprinkler. The EPS40 and EPS120 series supervisory pressure switches are intended for dry pipe systems or pressure tanks and water supplies of automatic water control valves.

These units intended for use in hazardous locations classified as follows: Class I, Groups C, D, Division 1 & 2; Class II, Groups E, F, G, Division 1 & 2; Class III, Division 1 & 2.


Enclosure Rating NEMA 1, 7, and 9

Model No & Valve Sizes

OSYEXP Outside screw and yoke valves

PIBVEXP Post indicator valves, butterfly valves




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