CO1224T Carbon Monoxide Detector

The CO1224T detector features RealTest,™ the industry’s first and only true functional test for the detector’s CO sensing cell. RealTest enables you to know the detector is providing the protection it promises. Designed for system connection, the CO1224T enables you to maximize profits and minimize installation costs with code-compliant features such as a trouble relay that sends a sensor failure or endof-life signal to the control panel, and SEMS-type terminal Philips-head screws that provide a quick and positive wiring connection while facilitating wiring supervision. The CO1224T unit also features a low current draw, which allows more detectors to be connected to the panel without having to purchase a more expensive panel or extra power supply.


Model No. – CO1224T
Detection Type – Electrochemical
Wiring – 4-wire
Operating Voltage – 12/24 VDC
Max Standby Current – 20mA
Max Alarm Current – 40mA


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