HVAC Accessories

InnovairFlexTM combines an impressive collection of innovations designed to save you time and money and provide the flexibility you need in the field. An adjustable housing overcomes mounting constraints. Plug-in, tool-free sampling tubes speed installation. The front cover test/reset button simplifies test/maintenance. With these features and many more, InnovairFlex is reshaping duct smoke detection.


Model – RTS2
Description – Multi-signaling accessory
Operating Voltage – 20-29 VDC

Model – RTS2-AOS
Description – Multi-signaling accessory with add-on strobe
Operating Voltage – 20-29 VDC

Model – AOS
Description – Add-on strobe

Model – APA151
Description – Remote annunciator with piezo alert
Operating Voltage – 16-33 VDC

Model – RA100Z
Description – Remote annunciator
Operating Voltage – 3.1-32 VDC

Model – RTS151
Description – Remote test station
Operating Voltage – 2.8-32 VDC (Alarm LED)

Model – RTS151KEY
Description – Remote test station with key test/reset
Operating Voltage – 14-35 VDC (Power LED); 2.8-32 VDC (Alarm LED)

Model – RTC100
Description – Remote test coil kit with low-profile ring (includes RTS451 remote test station)

Model – ETX
Description – InnovairFlex Twelve-Inch exhaust tube


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