Ceiling Strobes

Spectra Alert Advance from System Sensor

Featuring a full line of audible fire communication tools to notify and alert building occupants in the event of a fire or emergency. This product line includes the next generation of speakers, speaker strobes, mini-horns, and amber lens strobes and speaker strobes.



SCR Strobe, Standard Candela, Red

SCRH Strobe, High Candela, Red

SCW1 Strobe, Standard Candela, White

SCWH Strobe, High Candela, White

SCRK3 Outdoor Strobe, Standard Candela, Red

SCRHK3 Outdoor Strobe, High Candela, Red

SCWK Outdoor Strobe, Standard Candela, White

SCWHK Outdoor Strobe, High Candela, White

SCW-CLR-ALERT Strobe, Standard Candela, White, Clear Lens


1. Add “-P” to model number for plain housing (no “FIRE” marking on cover), e.g., SR-P.

2. Add “-SP” to model number for “FUEGO” marking on cover, e.g., SR-SP.

3. Add “-R” to model number for replacement outdoor unit, ships minus outdoor back box, e.g., SRK-R.

All models ending in “K” include an outdoor back box.

“Standard candela” refers to strobes that include 15, 15/75, 30, 75, 95, 110, and 115 candela settings. “High candela” refers to strobes that include 135, 150, 177, and 185 candela settings.


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