Alarm Bells

Completing the System Sensor line of sprinkler monitoring products are the PDRP-2001 control panel and SSV/ SSM series alarm bells. Our reliable system provides a way to detect and respond to changes on all initiating and release circuits, reducing the risk of loss from fire. Combined with our alarm bells, signaling any change in your fire sprinkler system is easy


Agency Approvals UL, FM, CSFM, MEA

Model No, Size, Operating Voltage Range, Current Draw, Sound Output

SSV120-6 6˝ 96 – 132 VAC 53mA 85 dB

SSV120-8 8˝ 96 – 132 VAC 53mA 82 dB

SSV120-10 10˝ 96 – 132 VAC 53mA 82 dB

SSM24-6 6˝ 16 – 33 VDC DC 31.1mA/FWR 53.5mA 82 dB

SSM24-8 8˝ 16 – 33 VDC DC 31.1mA/FWR 53.5mA

SSM24-10 16 – 33 VDC DC 31.1mA/FWR 53.5mA 81 dB





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